League play

Welcome to play league matches, where each match is played best of 3 or 5 sets. Scoring is just like in tennis. When a team has won a match in the league play format, the winner is awarded 2 points. The league can handle up to 4 groups with a maximum of 40 players (20 teams) per group. A total of 160 players per tournament.

We also support league play (set), which awards 2 points for each set. League play (set) can be played over 1-3 sets.

League Play

In league play, matches are played best of 3 or 5 sets. Click the update button for the match, enter the result, and select match status as completed; otherwise, the result will not be counted in the table. Then click save.

  • Leagueplay support 3 or 5 sets.
  • Leagueplay (Set) supports 1-3 sets.
  • Leagueplay: Match won 2 Points.
  • Leagueplay (set) 2 points per set.

Example: If a padelmatch ends 2-1 in set, the hometeam receives 2 points in Leagueplay.
In league play (set), the same result in the match gives 2 points per set, resulting in a score of 4-2.

Padelcups.com supports League Play and League Play (Set) . The program can automatically create a schedule for League Play, manage results, and create tables. Create an account on Padelcups.com and select the gameformat in the control panel.