Padel Mexicano

Mexicano is a gameformat where the program creates a schedule with the goal of making the matches as even as possible. The scoring is the same as in Cup Americano (normally to 32 points). When a game round is completed, you just need to click the button for a new round, and the program automatically creates a schedule for the next round. The program supports 8-16 players (Silver version) or 8-21, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40 players/group (Gold version) in Mexicano. A total of 4 groups with a maximum of 40 players per group results in a capacity of 160 players.

We have developed Padel Mexicano so that it can also be used with an odd number of players. Now, it does not matter if late registrations (or even unregistered players) show up to the tournament or if there are late withdrawals. The program automatically keeps track of which player or players should sit out the round with automatic draws before each round.

Register an account at Padelcups.
To access Mexicano, you need to upgrade your free account to either silver (12 euros) or gold (25 Euros). The payment is valid for 3 months, and the subscription does not renew automatically.

Select Mexicano in the controlpanel.

Click on, for example, Group 1 to create a Mexicano for Group 1.

Select number of players in group 1.

Write the names of the players.
The names must be unique.

The program has generated the first round. To update the results, click on 'update' next to the match. Fill in the results and then click on 'save'.

When the matches are completed in the first round, click on the button 'new round' for the program to create a new round.

Example in games with an odd number of players.

Number of players.Number of roundsTotal number of matches played.Matches per player
94 + (1 match)94
199 + (2 matcher)388
1914 + (1 match)5712

Odd number of playersSkip the roundNumber of courts
9 Players1 Players2 Courts (alt 1 court)
10 Players2 Players2 Courts
11 Players3 Players2 Courts
13 Players1 Players3 Courts
14 Players2 Players3 Courts
15 Players3 Players3 Courts
17 Players1 Players4 Courts (alt 2 Courts)
18 Players2 Players4 Courts
19 Players3 Players4 Courts
21 Players1 Players5 Courts