Padel Monrad

Padel Monrad is a popular tournament format, where with relatively few rounds, you can determine rankings for all teams! Padel Monrad is like a friendly knockout competition, where no teams are eliminated!

Padel Monrad can offer the Padel Monrad format for 8 players (4 teams), 16 players (8 teams), and 32 players (16 teams). Teams are fixed, meaning players remain with the same partner throughout the tournament.

Padel Monrad 16 Players

The Padel Monrad format for 16 players is ideally played on 4 padel courts, but it can also be played on 2 courts. Each team plays 3 matches. Scoring is up to 3 sets or, as in the Cup Americano, 32 points*. If the score is 16-16, a golden point is played to end the match 17-16 (or 16-17). The advantage of the Padel Monrad system is that only 3 rounds are needed to determine the final placements of all teams! In comparison, it would take 7 rounds in a league to achieve the same placements. Assuming each match takes 20 minutes and using 4 padel courts, a tournament with 16 players takes 60 minutes!

Padel Monrad 32 Players

Padel Monrad for 32 players is best played on 8 padel courts, but can also be accommodated on 4 courts. Each team plays 4 matches. Scoring is first to 3 sets or as in the Cup Americano for 32 points. If playing sets, scores like 2-1 are recorded, and if playing as in Cup Americano, scores like 20-12. The benefit of Padel Monrad is that only 4 rounds are required to finalize the placements of all teams! By comparison, it would take 15 rounds in league play to reach the same placements. There are a total of 32 matches in the tournament.

Padel Monrad 2x16 Players

An alternative format for padel facilities with 4 courts is to create 2 groups of 16 players each, using the Padel Monrad system. Scoring follows the Cup Americano style, playing to 32 points, and using a Golden Point at 16-16 so no matches end in a tie. Each team is guaranteed 3 matches. First, group 1 plays its first round on all courts. Then group 2 plays its round on all courts. This alternates until all rounds are completed. Once the groups have finished, a final round can be organized: the winner of group 1 vs the winner of group 2, second place from group 1 vs second place from group 2, and so on. (A 10-minute rest might be planned before the final round, as players from group 1 would have rested a round while those from group 2 would come straight from a match.) Factoring in 15-20 minutes for each match and changeover, the tournament should be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes.