Team Hybrid Americano

Team Hybrid Americano is the next generation of Team Americano. The scoring is the same as in Padel Americano, but a match win gives 3 points to the winning team. The players are divided into teams, and you play with the same teammates in each match.

Unlike the Padel Americano, it thus becomes more important to win matches. At the same time, every ball won is important! The table is sorted by match points, but if several players have the same points, it is the difference between won and lost balls that decides. If it is still equal between certain players, the sorting is done by the most balls won.

Advantages over Team Americano:

  • Winning matches becomes more important!
  • Every ball won in matches can affect the table placement.
  • A draw is considered a 1/3 victory!

Example: If a padelmatch ends 17-15 in Padel Americano, the home players receive 17 points and the away players receive 15 points. The same result in the Hybrid Americano awards 3 points to the home players and 0 points to the away players. supports Hybrid Americano. The program can automatically create a schedule for Hybrid Americano, manage results, and create tables. Create an account on and select the gameformat in the control panel.