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We have updated our server to the latest version (CPV 8.3). If you have any questions, please contact us at

Winner's Court

Winner's Court Americano (Aka King/ Queen of the court) is a variation of Americano where the objective is to fight your way to the Winner's court (and then defend your position!). Players are drawn by lot in game round 1, and it's chance that determines the course, teammates, and opponents. Upon winning, players move up one court and switch teammates. Upon losing, they move down one court and switch teammates.

Padel Mexicano

We have developed Padel Mexicano so that it can also be used with an "odd" number of players. Now it doesn't matter if there are late registered players (or even unregistered players) for the tournament or late dropouts. The program automatically keeps track of who or which players should sit out the round with automatic drawing before each round.

13 Gameformats

Welcome to PadelCups - the ultimate software for creating padeltournaments. We can offer 13 different gameformats, from classic Padel Americano, League play, Mexicano to Winner's Court and Set Victory. Start by creating a free account!

Scrolling results can offer scrolling results display of matchschedules and tables with automatic updates. Perfect for use on e.g. large screens in padelcenters. To be able to use this feature, a Gold edition of Padelcups is required. You do not need to be logged in to use this feature.

Padel Set Victory

Update #382

We have launched our new version of
We support several different languages; English, German, and Spanish.
Choose your language in the control panel when you are logged in.

Update #381

We have updated our server to latest PHP-version.

Update #380

We have activated Server load balancer for

Update #379

We have today updated our server to the latest version. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at

Update #378

We have done a small update for the Server.

Update #377

Now it´s easier to find archived tournaments that belonging to one specific account.

Update #376

Now it is possible to archive the results after a tournament and create a new tournament at no extra cost.


2020-08-15 -- 2020-08-16
First Americano Padel Tournament in Phuket in Thailand. is owned by Cupsystem Sweden AB, Sweden.

CPV : 48.3.667