Padel News

Update #382

We have launched our new version of
We support several different languages; English, German, and Spanish.
Choose your language in the control panel when you are logged in.

Update #381

We have updated our server to latest PHP-version.

Update #380

We have activated Server load balancer for

Update #379

We have today updated our server to the latest version. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at

Update #378

We have done a small update for the Server.

Update #377

Now it´s easier to find archived tournaments that belonging to one specific account.

Update #376

Now it is possible to archive the results after a tournament and create a new tournament at no extra cost.
Only €8 for unlimited tournaments (up to 16 players/group) for 3 months. Only one active tournament at a time!


2020-08-15 -- 2020-08-16
First Americano Padel Tournament in Phuket in Thailand. is owned by Cupsystem Sweden AB, Sweden.

CPV : 48.2.1467