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Free software to manange your next padeltournament.

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Let Padelcups automatically create a game schedule for Padel Americano, where each player plays with different co-players in each match. The program also supports Team Americano and Mixed Americano. The program creates a complete game schedule, with the ability to print individual matches for respective players. The program also keeps track of the results, with live-results of ongoing matches, point warning and table display. You can also create manual gameschedules, add and delete padelmatches. Start by creating a free account! Welcome to Padelcups!


  • Dedicated for Padelcups
  • Free for small tournaments
  • Try before you buy.
  • Automatically create game schedule
  • Automatic gameschedule for Padel Americano.
  • Automatic gameschedule for Team Americano.
  • Supports manual game schedules.
  • Support for up to 40 players per group.
  • Up to 4 groups.
  • Up to 160 padelplayers in the cup.
  • Warning for incorrect score.
  • Rename players.
  • Link to own result page

Tournaments Brackets

PadelCups.com also supports "knock-out" tournaments and Tournament Brackets. It has never been easier to keep track on your padeltournament. The Automatic Tournament Bracket generator supports 3,4,5,6,8 and 16 teams!

Free to use for small tournaments, upgrade when you are ready!

When you register a free account on Padelcups.com, it will automatically be the bronze version, which is free to use for cups up to 6 players per group and a maximum of 24 players in the tournament. It is also an excellent way for organizers of larger cups to test and try Cup Americano before you choose to upgrade their cup to either the Silver or Gold version! Try before you buy!

Padel Americana

Padel Americano or Cup Americano is a very popular gameform, where each player plays with different co-players in each match. Each player meets each opponent in two different matches.

Team Americano

Team Americano is a gameform, where you play with the same co-player in each match. The score is counted like in Cup Americano and you normally play about 32 points.

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